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    Why We’re About To Publish 3 Months Of Research On FinTech Regulation

    In July 2016, NorthOne hosted a presentation titled Regulation 101: What your FinTech Startup Needs to Know at our Montreal studio. We thought, “Maybe 10 people will show up? After all, how many people could possibly care about FinTech regulation in Canada?” We were blown away. Nearly 50 people showed up and another 400 live streamed […] More

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    Of All The Startups You Could Build, Why Banking?

    If I had a nickel for every time I was asked this question…. 💰💰💰 To be fair, it’s a totally legitimate question. I didn’t major in Finance. I deliberately stayed away from banking recruitment while in university. The banking system is rarely a topic I bring up in conversation. So point taken: Why banking? Ironically, […] More