7 Reasons Entrepreneurs Are Switching To NorthOne

We conducted over 300 hours of interviews and asked small business owners how they felt about their banks. Most said their chosen bank isn’t ideal, but it’s “good enough.” We created NorthOne because that answer is, well, not good enough.

Built for you, by people like you, we’re looking to change the way you think about banking.

1. Banking that saves you up to 50% on bookkeeping.

Is there a worse feeling than scrambling for receipts or looking for bank statements when it’s tax time? Stay on top of your finances year-round with access to unlimited account history, automatic transaction categorization, and the ability to attach receipts to bank transactions. If you’re using a bookkeeping service, check out our options for seamless integration. 🔌

You can also provide your bookkeeper with read-only access to your account. Say goodbye to the printouts and folders. Your bookkeeper – and the environment 🌎- will thank you. 

2. All the banking you need, right on your phone.

It’s a bank account designed for a single purpose: reducing the time it takes for you to get your sh*t done.

No more guessing: Real-time notifications of every transaction you make, sometimes even before you’ve pulled your card out of a store’s terminal!

No more waiting: No branch lines. Ever.  Again. You have complete control of your bank account and cards right from your phone. Send payments, deposit checks, lock and unlock your cards, and edit your pin. You can also keep track of spending and set daily spending limits.

No more copy-pasting or downloading clunky files of bank data: We plug into all the tools you use and empower you to export all your data in real time.

3. 24/7 expert support, minus the wait.

Provided by real humans. Give us a shout via live chat in the NorthOne app, schedule a time for us to call you at your convenience, or send us an email.

4. Get the whole team set up.

Have team members that also need access to your bank account? Set them up with company debit cards that allow them to make deposits and send money. As an owner, you can decide who views which information, using a series of read-only controls.

5. Be proactive with your money.

Our cash flow reporting feature gives you insights into your company’s spending, revenue, and balance. 📈Turn these insights into strategic operating decisions.

With unlimited accounts, you can create dedicated accounts to put aside money for taxes, payroll, or other large purchases. Use these accounts to make proactive budgeting an easy and practical tool for your business.

6. Transparent pricing with no frills.

With a starter account, you get unlimited debit card transactions, ATM and mobile check deposits, and unlimited sub-accounts. Our tiered pricing starts at $9 a month, and is based on your activity, so you’re never paying for anything you don’t need.

7. 3 minute account opening.

180 seconds. Approximately how long it took you to read this article. 🤯

Check out how we stack up against leading big banks and learn more about how we’re changing the face of banking for small businesses and startups – we’d love for you to join us. 👋

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