11 Must Have Free Tools For Small Businesses

If anyone has to watch their bottom line, it’s small business owners. So we made this list to help you save money, get things done, and work more productively. 🥳

1. Building a Website – Wix

Does your small business need a website? For most, the answer should be a resounding “yes”. If your website needs are basic, head on over to Wix, a website building tool you can use to create beautiful, mobile-friendly websites without breaking the bank.

2. Banking & Finance – NorthOne

Sick of waiting on hold with your bank? We were too. So we did something about it. Meet your new best friend: NorthOne, a 100% digital banking platform built specifically for small business. It’s easy to use, has 24/7 instant customer support, and provides useful insights into your financial health.

Best of all, you can open up a fully functional business checking account in less than 3 minutes! 💸

3. Advertising Google My Business

Want to attract new customers by showing up on the world’s number 1 search engine? It’s as simple as signing up for a profile, and posting your businesses hours, location and pricing information. Everything you put in your profile will show up when people google you. You can even share pictures and virtual tours. 😲

4. Social Media – Buffer

Everyone knows that you need to be on social media. However, not everyone follows through with a social media strategy. Probably because publishing individual posts in real time can be so time-consuming. 😭

With Buffer, you can schedule all your social media posts in advance! Plus, you can connect all of your social accounts – from Facebook to Linkedin – letting you manage all your social media from one platform.

5. Analytics – Google Analytics

Are your marketing efforts making you money? Find out with Google Analytics, the amazing, free analytics tool that measures marketing ROI. Pro tip: check out these 8 powerful google analytics tips to increase the conversion rates on your website.

6. Email Marketing – MailChimp

Want to get into email marketing, but don’t know where to start? You can’t beat MailChimp. Here’s why:

  1. You can send 12,000 emails to your customers per month for free.
  2. Their email templates are downright beautiful.
  3. Their tools and reports are so 👏 easy 👏 to 👏 use.

7. Blogging – WordPress

WordPress. The gold standard for blogging. And it’s completely free! Upload your content, and browse from thousands of themes and add-ons to get your blog just right. Shout out to our favorite WordPress add-on, Yoast SEO, which helps your blog posts show up first on Google.

8. Design – Canva

Want professional designs without paying a professional designer? Introducing… 🥁🥁🥁… Canva. With Canva, you can browse from hundreds of awesome design templates to create social media posts, marketing flyers, online banners and so much more.

9. Internal Communication – Slack

Email… Text messages… Video conferences… Communicating with co-workers can get confusing. Slack keeps everyone on the same page by keeping your team’s conversations in one simple app. 😎

It’s a must-have.

10. Accounting – Xero

Stay on top of your accounts with the world’s easiest to use accounting software: Xero. Xero takes the toughest of accounting tasks – like double bookkeeping – and makes them easy to understand. No business degree needed.

11. Productivity – Google Drive

Still using Microsoft Office? So 2003. Google Drive is a must-have these days. It allows you to create, edit, and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online. Files can be accessed wherever you have an internet connection. And it’s all for free. 🙃

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