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What To Do After Incorporating

Congratulations – you’ve completed the first step to building a wonderful business🍾 ! But remember, with great power comes with great responsibility. Before you disrupt/pivot/incubate/accelerate there are a few things you need to get out of the way.


How to Incorporate a Business in Canada

You want to start a business. Maybe you have an idea, a side hustle, or just a dream. Once you’re ready to get going, things can end up moving way too fast. Soon you’ll have a pile of tasks you need to take care of so you can get from 💡 to 🚀.


What We Learned At C2 Montreal 2017

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Ferst Digital was selected by The Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Family Foundation’s Emerging Entrepreneur program to attend C2 Montreal 2017 🙏.  Eytan (our CEO and co-founder) and I had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the 3-day long experience that focused on new ideas 💡 and changing the way business is done 🤔.


Day One: Meet Andy Nulman, CEO of Play The Future

In our Day One series, we talk with inspirational entrepreneurs to learn about the people behind some of Canada’s most interesting businesses. As we rebuild banking for modern businesses, we’ll showcase the people behind the transactions. We’ll talk about their journey,


How Your Business Can Avoid A Tax Audit

Getting audited by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is something every entrepreneur dreads 😓. It’s a time-consuming, stressful and costly process.

While you can’t completely protect yourself from getting audited, these are some steps your business can take to avoid showing up on the CRA’s radar.


The Records Your Business Needs To Keep (And How Long You Need To Keep Them)

, entertainment receipts, filed tax documents, vehicle expenses… lots of paperwork. The good news is you usually don’t need to keep your records in perpetuity, but the maybe-bad news is you can’t throw them away immediately, either.

Your financial records will serve a number of purposes.


The Opposite Of A Bank

In a country that ranks 2nd in the world in entrepreneurship, banks don’t offer the emerging class of digital-native business builders tools comparable to what they’re used to using in every other aspect of their work.


Your Startup Operates In A Regulated Space, So What?

When entrepreneurs initially set out to build a FinTech company, they are driven to solve the existing gaps in the financial management system. Perhaps it’s to make the financial system fairer or create products that are more efficient,


Why We’re About To Publish 3 Months Of Research On FinTech Regulation

In July 2016, Ferst Digital hosted a presentation titled Regulation 101: What your FinTech Startup Needs to Know at our Montreal studio.

We thought, “Maybe 10 people will show up? After all,


Of All The Startups You Could Build, Why Banking?

If I had a nickel for every time I was asked this question…. 💰💰💰

To be fair, it’s a totally legitimate question. I didn’t major in Finance. I deliberately stayed away from banking recruitment while in university. The banking system is rarely a topic I bring up in conversation.